About Northstar Tank Containers

About NorthStar Tank Containers

NorthStar provides a top quality ships agency service to our principals and customers. We possess a high standard of ethics and strive to provide a personalised service to our clients that will be rewarded through their loyal support. By developing and growing our principal’s business through honesty and hard work, we create an environment for employees to derive full satisfaction from their work and achieve high standards of excellence. At NorthStar, we believe that ethical practices are essential in our industry.

We believe in training and the pursuit of shipping knowledge for all our staff and we are committed to providing equal and fair opportunities to progress their careers. We are committed to assuring good corporate governance in the conduct of our business and we believe respect and courtesy should be shown at all times to whoever we do business with.

NorthStar Staff

Our staff are well qualified to handle iso tank containers. Our executive director has dealt with Iso Tank Containers for more than 24 years. Company policy is to promote education and staff training through the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers exams and consequently raise the standards and ethics within our industry. Additionally all our staff are trained in the handling and the correct documentation of hazardous cargoes. We aim to offer a professional and transparent service to all our clients and our principals and we only work with service providers who are capable of attaining the same high level of service that we aspire to.

Our Core Ethics

At NorthStar Tank Containers, we believe that ethical practices are essential in our industry. Our Trading Conditions provide a transparent view of our operations and a clear outline of our responsibilities.

Our Partners

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